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Tenant Representation on Leasing Space

Detroit Conf room photoWith all of our services, the process starts with you and a thorough review of your space needs and other considerations that are important to your company. Our new lease and lease renewal processes result in lower rental rates and more landlord concessions on leasing transactions.  We identify all your options in the marketplace during our process so you can make informed decisions.


Detroit lobby photo artFind Office Space / Find Warehouse Space:  Based on your needs, space options are quickly identified for your consideration.  We work with our clients every step of the way, including property tours, assistance with space planning and construction pricing, a full financial overview of your space options, and lease negotiations.  We also have a stable of strong, qualified vendors that we are happy to refer to you for consideration for specific needs your organization may have pertaining to the new space.

Lease Renewals:  Just like any contract, when a lease expires it can be renegotiated.  Landlords know that it takes time, effort, and costs
money for a business to relocate, so those factors are leveraged by your current landlord when you renew a lease.

Our service platform on lease renewals shifts the negotiating leverage back into your court so that you get a deal that makes sense within the market.  We also position your lease to provide you with better leverage in future negotiations for that next lease renewal, expansion, or other space modification.

Lease Expansions:  Growing is good, but can be painful financially as your current landlord will have negotiating leverage because you are a captive tenant.  There are also other factors that work against tenants when expanding their space.  Our job is to outline those challenges and provide solutions to get you the space you need at a price that makes sense for your company.

Subleasing of Space:  Every now and then, companies have extra space.  We assist clients with the marketing of the extra space for lease and negotiate subleases on that space.


Clean RoomProperty Purchases and Sales for Space Users

We examine both on and off market opportunities that meet your requirements, tour you through properties of interest, provide you with financial forecasting for the property and information on comparable sales, prepare and negotiate offers and purchase agreements on your behalf, and guide you on important due diligence items associated with the property.

We also help you with the sale of the building that you no longer need for your business taking into account all of the factors and benefits that the property will provide to the buyer and focus on business market segments that will find the greatest value in your property to achieve the highest sale value for you.    

Site Selection / New Construction:  For new construction, site options that meet your general criteria are identified that are both on and off market.  Your organization is provided with all of the site characteristics, including demographic information for each potential site.  We are also able to provide custom reports depending on specific needs that you may have.  After target sites are identified, we assist with site plan reviews and facility planning strategies, review entitlement processes, prepare and negotiate offers and a purchase agreement on your behalf, as well as recommend the appropriate due diligence steps for acquiring a land site.        

Lease Administration and Management:  For clients with many locations and leases, we are able to offer lease administration services to track important dates that occur throughout the life cycle of each lease.  Expenses too high?  We know the market for that too and can provide guidance on the building expenses and taxes that are typical in your market to see if you are overpaying at your current location.




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